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The Leaders Institute of South Australia achieves the success it has in leadership development in partnership with its generous sponsors. These organisations have recognised the importance of wiser leaders for our state, and in particular the unique approach the Leaders Institute takes to ensure this growth is significant and sustainable.

Sponsorship of the Leaders Institute of South Australia means being a part of developing wiser leaders for our state. It also means association with an organisation that has established itself as a nationally recognised driver of innovative leadership growth and sustainable change for individuals, organisations and society. We offer our corporate partners strong alignment and meaningful engagement with the Leaders Institute's highly respected and credible brand.

Here are some thoughts on leadership and supporting the Leaders Institute of SA, from some of our fabulous sponsors:

Todd Roberts, FGLF05
Head of Institutional Banking WA,SA/NT Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Leaders effect change! While a simple statement, this was one of the most powerful phrases that I took away from my GLF experience in 2005.

Effecting change is challenging, demanding and can often take you down the path least travelled. It requires a deep understanding of the issues and a broadening of the mind to allow access to information that historically may have been discounted.

This is one of the key roles of the GLF. It provides you with a deep understanding of the political, social and economic issues that South Australia faces and gives you great insights through access to community and corporate leaders as to the success and challenges that we as a State have in front of us.

We at the Commonwealth Bank are effecting change in the financial services industry through our vision of being Australia's finest financial services organisation through excelling in customer service. This will be achieved as a result of investing into our people's leadership and development.

We continually strive to improve our extensive training and development solutions to develop and retain engaged, passionate and valued people. Through a diverse range of education, experience and exposure opportunities the Group supports employees to develop in their roles and build a solid foundation for their future career with us.

We see the GLF program as playing a vital part in the development of our people. The Commonwealth Bank is proud to be associated with this highly credentialed program and as an alumni member I continue to remain in awe of the achievements of the graduates of the GLF.

Erma Ranieri
Commissioner for Public Sector, Office for the Public Sector, Department of Premier and Cabinet

The unfolding challenges of our State require strong and collective leadership across all levels of the public sector. As a sector we are focussed on helping the people and businesses of South Australia, and getting the best social and economic outcomes for our State.

We see leadership not as a title, role or position, but an action. Our leadership must be thoughtful and courageous. We must act with wisdom and a sound depth of mind.

The unique opportunities provided by the Leadership Institute of South Australia foster these attributes so that leaders in our sector can take action for our State in an adaptable and meaningful way.

I am pleased that a number of current and aspiring public sector leaders have participated in the Governor's Leadership Foundation Program, run by the Leadership Institute. This program plays a valuable role in broadening perspectives and growing leaders to meet our State's diverse challenges.

I am thrilled that the Department of the Premier and Cabinet supports the Pastor Sir Doug Nicholls and Lady Gladys Nicholls Indigenous Scholarship. This is a fantastic initiative, because it not only supports the development of the recipient, but it also enriches the learning experience of the other participants.

In 2014 we were proud to work with the Leadership Institute to develop our leaders into people who can make a difference to our sector and lead South Australia into the future.

Richard Phillips FGLF02
Executive General Manager Manufacturing, GM Holden Ltd

We live in a smaller, faster, interactive and highly competitive world. A world where the future and the success it brings is not given, but is worked for and created. The role of leadership in preparing us for success in business and in the community is increasingly challenging and demanding.

As a foundation sponsor, Holden strongly supports The Governor's Leadership Foundation given the unique learning opportunity it provides for talented South Australians. The ability of the program to expose people to a broad range of experiences and issues outside their traditional roles, allow the participants to discuss issues from diverse perspectives, to blend youth with experience and to build lifelong networks all focussed on an even better South Australian future is an extremely rewarding endeavour which has certainly broadened the perspective of our future leaders.

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