Conquering Imposter Syndrome Workshop

Conquering Imposter Syndrome – Workshop with Dr John Wood

Do you feel like a fraud, a fake or a pretender? Do you worry that you really shouldn’t be in your job and that you will get ‘found out’ one day? Do you feel like you don’t deserve your success?

About the program

This interactive workshop is designed to help you conquer Imposter Syndrome through helping you to understand why it occurs, what the signs are and question whether it matters. Above all the workshop will give you practical strategies so that it doesn’t inhibit your leadership success.

Is this program for you?

This program is for anyone who believes they have imposter syndrome. Typically people are high achievers – but can’t quite accept their achievements. Behaviours can include perfectionism, overworking, undermining your own achievements, procrastinating, fear of failure and discounting praise.

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Program Dates

October 23, 8.45am – 1pm

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About our facilitator

John Wood is a regular facilitator for the Leaders Institute delivering highly effective sessions in our Governor’s Leadership Foundation program as well as other programs.

John has been a practicing psychologist since 1983 and also completed a PhD addressing the qualities of successful CEOs. Coupled with this he has been employed in manufacturing, financial services and the professional services sectors as a human resources and organisational development specialist.

John has designed and delivered leadership development programs for enhanced performance, culture change and corporate wide leadership initiatives. The design has included values and competency based models, 360 degree feedback and action learning.

Delivery location

Leaders Institute of South Australia at UniSA City West Campus, L 2 Yungondi Building, 70 North Tce, Adelaide

Program Fees

$590 + GST.

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