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In-House Leadership Programs

The Leaders Institute can deliver our programs in your organisation. Programs include:

1. Becoming an adaptive leader – two days

Learn how to better understand workplace challenges and adapt your approach to lead and manage successfully. Delivered by an internationally renowned expert, Becoming an Adaptive Leader, is innovative and transformational. This program is designed to help individuals and organisations develop the capability to tackle complex problems within their work environment in a way that is real, honest and above all effective. By practicing adaptive leadership techniques, participants will be able to think more strategically and successfully navigate complex workplace environments.

2. Establishing a successful mentoring program in your workplace – half day

This workshop helps organisations establish internal mentoring programs by giving mentors the tools, techniques and hands-on practice to develop their capabilities so they can expertly, confidently and effectively build the skills of others. Many leaders are moved to ‘give back’ and help those less experienced, but they don’t often know how to successfully go about this. In this workshop they will build their skills and confidence and learn how to focus on the mentees’ needs and share relevant wisdom and experiences effectively.

3. Psychometric assessments and coaching

We facilitate 360 degree feedback assessments of individuals or teams using the internationally renowned The Leadership Circle. The Leadership Circle reveals valuable data that shows how individuals view themselves relative to others. A comprehensive report shows how an individual scores on their perceived ability to achieve results, bring out the best in others, lead with vision and act with integrity and courage. The tool also unearths whether individuals choose caution over creating results, self-protection over productive engagement and insight on how they engage with others. Unlike other tools, The Leadership Circle also sheds light on how an individual’s beliefs translate into style behavior. De-briefing the results with an experienced coach is included and ongoing coaching can be arranged.

4. From technical expert to great team leader – two days

This workshop helps you to recognise the key elements of a strong and effective team and how to cultivate high performing teams within your workplace. It includes an introduction to team dynamics and personalities, and how to get the best out of team members and enable them to gel together, committed to delivering on your mission.

5. Resilience, positivity and leadership – one day

This interactive workshop integrates facets of positive psychology including resilience and mindfulness. This enables participants to develop new skills and the knowledge to deal with pressure and develop positive responses, optimism and the ability to function and thrive with enhanced self-esteem.

6. Governance Masterclass – one day

Our Governance Masterclass helps to maximise the effectiveness of board directors and the executives who report to them. Facilitated by a highly experienced company director, our powerful Masterclass explores issues such as basic director legal requirements, interactions between the board and management, decision making, getting the board papers right and group dynamics. There are also places available in our program on September 25, 2019.

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We can tailor programs to meet your specific workplace needs.
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