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About Leaders Institute of SA Think Tanks

The Think Tank program offers an innovative way for Governors Leadership Foundation (GLF) graduates, as a group of diverse leaders, to provide deep analysis, new perspectives and progressive thinking on organisations' critical issues. Think Tanks generate ‘out of the box’ ideas and fresh thinking for organisations wanting to address particular issues or enhance specific projects that will have a community impact.

GLF Graduate Involvement

Each Think Tank enables GLF graduates to work alongside a diverse group of organisational leaders on complex issues. Involvement in Think Tank project proposals are offered as specific projects become available. Selection is made via expressions of interest and GLF graduates act as volunteers to the project and are not paid for their involvement. They do use the latest methodologies making this a positive two-way learning exchange.

"Through the Think Tank activity, the Leaders Institute of South Australia continues to evidence that it is at the forefront in dealing with community issues of concern and it has the resources and capability to demonstrate high level leadership in assessing, managing and influencing these issues of concern in the South Australian community."  Ruth Carter, Managing Partner, Ruth Carter & Associates

It was great being involved in the Think Tank. It reminded me of the need to tackle "wicked problems" with various lenses. The value of working with a diverse range of people to stimulate discussions and perspectives is very valuable."   Carol Hampton, Manager, Land and Property, City of Marion

"The Think Tank was a great way to get close up and personal with an issue and work with others from many different perspectives to develop some strategies to deal with it."   Alison Rogers, Principal, Living Stories

"A great opportunity to stay engaged with the Leaders Institute and to make a contribution to the community."   Gail Carnes, Manager, Environment and Planning, Kellor Brown and Root

"Participating in a Think Tank initiative is an excellent way to brush up on team work skills, while being exposed to an array of current thinking on a particular social issue."  Faith Coleman, Founding Partner, Ecoproterm

Organisational Involvement

Any organisation can provide a project proposal for use in a Think Tank program. The proposal needs to briefly describe the problem and the desired input and outcomes (targets) from GLF graduate involvement. Projects proposed should consider how they will utilise the core strengths of the GLF program and graduate skill base, aim to produce practical and community-orientated outcomes that can be readily implemented, and provide interest and growth opportunities for GLF graduates.  Any initiatives arising from Think Tank reports will be the responsibility of the organisation and individual graduates who wish to continue to be involved in delivering, developing and/or championing them. 

Is this something your organisation is interested in conducting? Contact us to find out how to get involved.

Think Tank Outcomes

The success of the Think Tank program has been experienced across a range of industry groups and has significantly contributed to the social impact of organisations involved.  Previous Think Tanks include:

Australian Hotels Association of South Australia (AHA SA) to investigate the high profile “wicked problem” of alcohol-fuelled violence, and develop a range of practical recommendations and possible responses for presentation to the AHA. 

Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC)  Looking at engaging with diverse communities to drive cultural change.

Equal Opportunity Commission: Challenging covert racism

Environment Protection Authority (EPA):  Looking at effective ways of engaging with stakeholders on site contamination issues.  

Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR): A Think Tank that contributed to the Dog & Cat Citizens Jury

Heart Foundation SA: Provide innovative strategies to encourage South Australians to embrace healthy lifestyles that look after their heart and unique fundraising ideas to support the viability of new initiatives.

SA Health: a Think Tank to address the significant and far reaching impacts of poor health and well being in our State.