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We are pleased to celebrate and acknowledge our graduates who have demonstrated outstanding contribution to the community through leadership excellence.

The prestigious Dennis Mutton Medal recognises outstanding community involvement and contribution that has been initiated after a graduate's completion of the Governors Leadership Foundation (GLF) program.  In November each year at our Governor's Leadership Foundation graduation, medals are awarded to alumni who reflect the core value of giving to the community.


Dennis Mutton was one of the Founding Fathers of the Governors Leadership Foundation and the inaugural Treasurer of the Leaders Institute of SA; a position he held for five years until his retirement from the board. He had a long and distinguished career in the South Australian Public sector and industry. He was a former Chief Executive several departments and also held positions as Deputy President and Commissioner of the Murray Darling Basin Commission.

In later life, he remains an active contributor, an independent consultant in the fields of natural resource management, industry development, primary industries and mineral resources, regional growth initiatives, business-government relations, leadership and human resource development.

The nominees for the Dennis Mutton award must reflect the core values of giving to the community. The predominant involvement in the related initiative/activity must have occurred after the applicant's GLF year.


To apply for the individual or group medal, please download and complete the relevant application form. Instructions for returning the document are included in the document.

2019 The Dennis Mutton Individual Medal Application 2019 The Dennis Mutton Individual Medal Application (1212 KB)

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Tracey Wallace FGLF 2014:

Leaders Institute SA


Tracy York FGLF 2003:

After her GLF year, Tracy has been heavily involved in mostly volunteer Basketball coaching positions from grass roots to elite levels while also employed as a Sergeant with SA Police. In May 2015, Tracy was appointed the Head Coach of the MAC Adelaide Lighting National  League Women's Basketball team.  Previous to this Tracy was Head Coach of the North Adelaide Senior Men's Basketball Team (2008-11), the first woman to be appointed as the Technical Assistant to the Adelaide 36er's Mens Basketball team (2010-11), Assistant Coach of the Adelaide Lightning National League Women's Basketball team (2011-2013), Assistant Coach of the Adelaide 36er's Men's Basketball team (2014-5).  Additionally in 2011 Tracy was inducted into the SA Women's Honour Roll as a trailblazer for women in sport and has also been invited to be a member of the SA Women in Sport Task Force, which is an initiative from the Premier of SA.  Congratulations Tracy!

Dennis Mutton Group Medal Recipient: Seeds of Affinity FGLF13

Annie Fabig – Owner, Osmoflo Pty Ltd
Caroline Mosha – Director, Team Vista
Chris Spiteri – Forensic Accountant, SAPOL
Connie Kalinski – Business Manager, Families SA
Dr Moira Jenkins – Director, Aboto
Noriko Wynn – Senior Policy Officer, Economic Analysis, Department of Premier and Cabinet
Peta Smith – Director, Office of the Chief Executive, Attorney General's Department

This Community Action Project, developed during their 2013 GLF Program year, aimed to help women leaving prison by assisting the organisation 'Seeds of Affinity' to help women re-engage successfully with their community. The CAP group worked with the Seeds of Affinity management group and successfully applied for and received  a $40,000 Department of Corrections funding grant to focus on capacity building for the organisation as a well as a $10,000 grant to hold a singing group in the Mainstream and Living Skills areas of the women's prison to build relationships between women in prison and Seeds of Affinity. The Cap group also carried out other tasks including setting up registration with Volunteers SA/NT, designing and producing marketing materials for advocates, agencies and the general public, production of brochures for prisoners and their families, design and production of Seeds of Affinity t-shirts, assisting with development and extension of a social enterprise product range of beauty products and gourmet treats, running computer training, gaining certification to produce home-made biscuits at Seeds of Affinity, cooking and healthy eating classes, a sewing group and commencement of study for several group members.   Anna Kemp from Seeds of Affinity was also at the presentation and was congratulated on being awarded the 2015 Community Group of the Year Award at the Prime Super Community Achievement Awards on Saturday 21 November 2015.


Dennis Mutton Medal Recipient: Alison Rogers FGLF08


After her GLF year, Alison started a film-making business, Living Stories, which captures stories that influence and increase understanding and empathy. Alison has not only been a committed volunteer for the Leaders Institute of SA since her graduation, providing pro bono public relations support and supervising a public relations student from UniSA in the Leaders Institute office, serving on the Alumni Committee, and producing a DVD of the history of the GLF, as well as a promotional video and our TV ads, her most recent pro bono project is a film about the work that a group of school children from Alberton Primary School are doing to help save the Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeon.

Dennis Mutton Group Medal Recipient: Missing in Action FGLF13

Alex Gaut – Biodiversity Program Manager, Conservation Council of South Australia
Dr Margaret Faulkner – Senior Research Associate, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, School of Marketing UniSA
Madeleine Davis – Director, Marketing and Communications, Defence SA
Kath Button– Manager, Corporate Resources, State Library of South Australia

This Community Action Project, developed during their 2013 GLF program year, aimed to help increase the representation of women in elected roles in local government. In 2013, women represented only 27% of elected council members.

The group undertook significant research via published articles from all over the world, examined campaigns from other states and interviewed experts in the area. Then, supported by the Local Government Association with a grant of $15,000 (of which they spend only half!), they ran three World Café forums in the north, south and Adelaide CBD, involving 71 women from 19 local government areas. These forums focused on two questions – what does effective female community leadership look like to you? And what message would inspire you to become involved in community leadership?

As a result of these forums, the group wrote a report and made a number of important recommendations to the LGA about increasing female nominations. Their report was added as a resource to the LGA website and their findings were included in the 2014 Council Community Awareness Strategy and Checklist provided to councils to develop their own strategies for the 2014 local government elections. As a result of their efforts – and those of others – in 2014 a record percentage of women stood for and were elected to local government and we now have 29.02 per cent of Councillors who are women – up over 2%. This modest but important increase is something that this group can be proud of. They certainly played a role in raising awareness and informing the campaigns.


Dennis Mutton Medal Recipient: Aaron Stuart

Aaron is an Arabunna man from north of Adelaide. He has a paid role as the Operations Manager – Indigenous Strategy & Planning with Centacare Catholic Family Services, but he is also an author and filmmaker, the chairman of the Arabunna Prescribed Body Corporate and a member of the South Australian Aboriginal Advisory Council and South Australian Congress of Indigenous Nations.

He has shown an ongoing commitment and desire to provide education and perspective on aboriginal issues on behalf of the Arabunna people, including climate change, mining and suicide prevention.

Most recently, he is to be congratulated for his leadership of the Ularaka Arabunna Association as well as the Arabana Aboriginal Corporation where he successfully achieved recognition for the Arabana people by obtaining the Arabana Native Title Claim, a 99 year lease on Finniss Springs Station, as well as the dual naming of Kati Thanda/Lake Eyre.

In 2013 the inaugural Dennis Mutton Group Medal was awarded to a team of GLF Fellows who through their voluntary involvement in new initiative(s) and/or through adding value to an existing initiative(s) and provided evidence of a ‘beyond-self’ approach.

Dennis Mutton Group Medal Recipients:

COMIC CAP Team, GLF11, existing of the following team members:
Martin Cooper – Chief Financial Officer, City of Burnside Council
Brenda Dilettoso – President, Australasian Podiatry Council
Karen Fullagar – General Manager Human Resources, Eldercare Incorporated
Lois McKellar – Program Director, Midwifery, University of South Australia
Rebecca Murrie – Executive Officer, Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy
Jed Richards – Associate Director, Macquarie Private Wealth

This group of 2011 participants worked with the not-for-profit organisation Children of Mentally Ill Consumers (COMIC). COMIC’s role is to advocate for, and raise awareness of, the needs of children who have a parent with a mental illness.

Research from around the world highlights the benefits of considering and addressing the needs of children in the treatment regime of the parent. Those benefits include improved medical outcomes for the parent, a reduction in the negative impacts for the children and a greater sense of family cohesion. 

One simple solution was to provide a space within the hospital environment for children and parents to spend time together in a safe, family friendly environment. What was less simple was raising the $65,000 to cover the cost of this. With the generous support of Variety Club of SA, Macquarie, and other sponsors and suppliers, the first COMIC Space opened at the Lyell McEwin Hospital at the end of September 2012.

A Certificate of Merit was awarded to:

Leigh Dalwood FGLF12: Leigh works for South Road Planning Study as a Project Director, but in his spare time he has been working very hard to develop a transition town - Transition Gawler - and working with the local Gawler community to build a steering committee and raise awareness of the potential for more sustainable living opportunities.


Dennis Mutton Medal Recipient: Ms Annette Cameron

Annette FGLF09 was presented with the Dennis Mutton Medal in recognition of her substantial contribution to the community, predominantly the formation of The Torrens Valley Education Fund, a not for profit organisation which aims to provide much needed financial assistance and support to local youth to help them achieve their post high school education, training and vocation aspirations.

A Certificate of Encouragement was awarded to:

Aaron Stuart FGLF11: due to his efforts as chairman of the Arabunna Native Title and a member of the South Australian Aboriginal Advisory Council and South Australian Congress of Indigenous Nations.


Dennis Mutton Medal Recipient:

Elizabeth Robinson FGLF05 for extensive and innovative work in supporting and connecting communities of people living with a disability, in particular children and young people of the St Patrick’s Special School for students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities.

Certificates of Merit were awarded to:

Brad Butler FGLF03 for his substantial contribution to a vast range of charities and community initiatives, many of which he personally established. His involvement covers various sporting groups, sports and outdoor activity fundraising, refugee support group, two charities working in Africa and several local initiatives on the Fleurieu Penninsula.
Cindy Duncan FGLF06 for her important work with the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of the last 4 years. As President of the association, Cindy has been instrumental in transforming and securing the future of this small organisation, impacting the culture, services delivered and its financial sustainability.


Dennis Mutton Medal Recipient:

Jennifer Duncan FGLF08 for the development of the Community Boards Program in partnership with the Community Business Bureau (CBB). The program matches interested GLF graduates with not for profit boards and has been incredibly successful experience for both GLF graduates and the community organisations involved.

Click here to register your interest to participate in the Community Board Program.

Certificates of Merit were awarded to:

Craig Schmidt FGLF07 for his work in establishing the ‘Follow your Dreams’ initiative in which GLF graduates attend schools in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide to motivate and inspire students to follow their career dreams.

Dr Amanda Rischbieth FGLF04 who developed and implemented the Heart Foundations Nurse Ambassadors Program to promote national cardiovascular disease management guidelines and patient support.

In addition, Amanda is also integrally involved in the Outcomes Australia initiative, where she has lead roles in the land and water, organ transplant and obesity reduction programs.

Certificates of Encouragement were awarded to:

Mark Wieszyk FGLF03: for leadership given to the community as City Chair of the Red Shield Appeal and being responsible for the coordination of this fundraiser for the Ingle Farm area.

Elsabet Tamrat FGLF07: for initiating the ‘Australian Leadership Program for Africa’ (ALPA) to build leadership capability in organisations in Africa and create an Alumni support base for individuals to implement systems of accountability and good governance in their own country.

Michael O’Connell APM FGLF02: for initiating the ‘PHONES’ program which facilitated the provision of second-hand mobile phones to police who would then provide these to victims of family violence as a practical aide to their personal safety.