Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship Benefits


The Leaders Institute of South Australia is proud to recognise its loyal and dedicated sponsors, who contribute to our mission of developing wiser leaders for South Australia.

By associating yourself with the Leaders Institute, and through your direct involvement with the Governors Leadership Foundation (GLF) program, your organisation will achieve real and measurable benefit. Independent research conducted by the University of Adelaide School of Business, reported that the GLF program ‘has the strongest imaginable positive endorsement from its graduates’. The researchers said the program’s ‘overall impact for the vast majority was profound, even life-changing’.

Our Alumni

The year 2018 sees the Leaders Institute delivering the 19th GLF program to its 43 current participants. At the end of 2017 our Alumni consisted over 620 graduates of the program with approximately 40% working in business, 40% in Federal, State and local government, and 20% in the community sector. Over 95% of our graduates remain in South Australia. Our graduates are actively involved in the Leaders Institute's Alumni programs  and are provided with many additional opportunities for leadership development, community contribution and networking.

Our Patron and Board of Directors

Our Patron is His Excellency, the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, Governor of South Australia

Our Vice Patron, Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce AC CSC RANR,

Our Board of Directors is led by our Chair, Alexandrea Cannon and is comprised of seven other prominent business and government leaders.

Our Honorary and Foundation Members

Honorary and Foundation Memberships are prestigious categories of membership given to those who have achieved distinction in leadership, who exemplify the ethos of the GLF and who have made or are making a significant contribution to the Leaders Institute and the GLF. Many prominent South Australians have taken on Honorary or Foundation Membership of the Leaders Institute, in recognition of the important contribution they have made through their involvement with Leaders Institute and the GLF.

Honorary and Foundation Members play an important ambassadorial role for the Leaders Institute and the GLF Program. As ambassadors, they receive invitations to the Leaders Institute’s key events (e.g. launch at Government House, graduation) and network with other leaders in South Australia. These members may also be invited to join the Leaders Institute’s Board committees, program reference groups and/or to participate in panels.

Sponsorship Rewards

Sponsorship of the Leaders Institute of South Australia is offered as a package tailored to your individual corporate needs. It is our view that open and ongoing dialogue will maximise investment and ensure the advantages of a long term and constructive partnership. We encourage regular Work In Progress meetings with all sponsors and welcome an annual two-way appraisal to measure the value delivered to both parties by the relationship.

Benefits of Brand Association

Sponsorship of the Leaders Institute offers the following outcomes in addition to your direct return on investment:

  • Improved brand awareness to a well qualified audience
  • Positioning of your organisation as a business held in high regard by SA’s private, public and community sectors
  • The ability to demonstrate your expertise to a clearly defined target market of leaders in SA
  • Creation of a prestigious connection between your organisation and leadership in SA, and development of a valuable connection to the SA community
  • Building of your organisation’s reputation as one that is committed to building a better state and nation through the development of enlightened leadership and strategic foresight capacity
  • Development of direct access channels to the current and future leaders of SA and Australia
  • Establishment of a link between your organisation and the Office of the Governor of South Australia


Some possible benefits are:

  • Inclusion of your logo on all pages of the Leaders Institute website with direct web link to your website
  • Inclusion of your logo on all the Leaders Institute marketing collateral (e.g. banners, prospectus, yearbook)
  • Your logo at all GLF program events (more than 40 per annum), alumni events and key Leaders Institute events 
  • Your logo to appear on the Leaders Institute e-newsletter (distributed to almost 3000 business, government and community leaders in SA)

Business Development/Thought Leadership                                   

  • Free invitations to all other key Leaders Institute/GLF business functions
  • Your organisation’s representatives as GLF program presenters on issues as appropriate
  • Free invitations to attend the GLF program graduation event
  • Free invitation to attend the GLF program launch at Government House
  • Your organisation to be offered the opportunity to host Leaders Institute/GLF boardroom events
  • Opportunity to utilise GLF network newsletter for senior executive recruitment purposes (subject to approval by the Leaders Institute)
  • Opportunity to host a GLF program event each program year

    The Leaders Institute Chief Executive is available to speak about the GLF program and sponsorship at a key event of your choosing annually.

  • For more information about the benefits of becoming a sponsor or in-kind supporter, or to discuss other ideas for leveraging your partnership with the Leaders Institute please contact us.